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“Making Heads or Tails of Idioms” was originally a newsletter developed in February 2010. Prior to that, the newsletter was known under a few different names “Rema’s Summer of Idioms!”, “Rema’s ‘It’s not Summer Anymore’, Idioms!”, “Rema’s ‘I grew up in this country and still don’t know the Idioms!'” since February 2009. However, the passion to look up Idioms stemmed from my first real job out of college in Summer 2003. Turns out, business people really like to use Idioms in day-to-day language…. and it turns out, I don’t know idioms… at all. So I started looking up the meanings and origins and began to share them with my friends (first newsletter’s subscriber count: 3). It caught on, friends began referring friends, and I’ve heard it’s cool enough to be on a blog. So here it is! Enjoy.

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About the author:

Rema grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, and currently resides in Chicago, IL. She enjoys quality time with friends, saying that she goes to dance class, and rooting for Michigan football. Writing has never been one of Rema’s passions… therefore, there is a bit of copy/paste from Wikipedia from time to time (but it’s always sourced).

8 responses to “About

  1. Reading MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel B and had to look this up. I have a fondness for idioms, also, that started with my Grandpa saying “Don’t take any wooden nickels!”

  2. I love this blog already! I also looked it up after a mention in MWF Seeking BFF 🙂 I confess, even growing up speaking English, that I don’t know the origins of many idioms. My German husband is always asking me what the heck they mean so now I can study up and tell him!

    • headsortailsofidioms

      I´m glad you like it Megan! I know… I usually feel like a ¨deer in headlights¨when I hear new idioms!
      Enjoy and thanks for joining!

  3. This is a great resource for teachers of English as a foreign language (I’m sure you knew that already)! I too am amazed by the number of idioms dropped in a typical day by professional colleagues. What a trip… Thanks as well to MWF Seeking BFF for mentioning this! The site is a dream come true for TEFL teachers.

    • headsortailsofidioms

      Thanks for the feedback Alex! I’m glad you have found the site useful and I plan to post a lot more this year! I told Rachel Bertsche (MWF author) about your post and she was psyched!

  4. I can confirm that sometimes you really DO go to dance class!!! What a fun blog, glad I happened to stumble on this tonight – I had no idea you wrote this!

  5. mariana

    Fashionably late, I see. I am also here after reading about the blog in MWF Seeking BFF. 🙂 I am not just in my late 20s, married and in a new city trying to make a few new bffs, but I am also foreign. I’ve lived in the US for a while and my understanding of idioms has definitely broaden, but I am excited I can catch up with some new lingo here. Thanks!

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