Idiom Suggestions

Here’s my list of accumulating idioms…

Please comment and add idioms you would like to see! Please include the context you heard it in as well.

  • I don’t have a silver bullet answer for it
  • …and call it Florida
  • On the straight and narrow
  • Lil bit of saffron
  • Run him out on a rail
  • Kansas city shuffle
  • It’s like grenades and horseshoes, you just gotta get close
  • You should see the Christmas tree we built last year
  • 6 of 1, ½ a dozen of another
  • Backs against the wall
  • Can’t eat the whole elephant in one bite
  • It’s like shooting fish in a barrel
  • Need to know who’s who in the zoo
  • Beat it like a rented mule
  • Put the moose on the table
  • I’m going to fight this tooth and nail
  • It’s close enough for jazz
  • Call uncle
  • Easy Peazy lemon squeezy
  • Time to pay the piper
  • Fall off the turnip truck
  • Single Shingle
  • Bigger than a bread basket / box
  • In the sausage factory with the client
  • Another way to skin the cat is…
  • March to your fiddle / drum
  • Mother Hen
  • Tongue and cheek
  • Everything but the kitchen sink
  • It takes a village to raise a child
  • Holds no water to yours
  • don’t hold a candle to him
  • Left handed compliment
  • Rubber hits the road
  • Pass with flying colors
  • Pie in the sky
  • Get your hands dirty
  • Creature comfort
  • You can only lead a horse to water
  • Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
  • Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
  • Sleep on it
  • Fly by the seat of your pants
  • What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?
  • The whole 9 yards
  • We’re the 800 lb. Gorilla
  • We don’t want to be ‘nervous Nellies’
  • Up the daisy chain
  • Polish the pig
  • Same ball of wax
  • House of cards

6 responses to “Idiom Suggestions

  1. Cassie

    What does it mean to ‘paint the town red’?! I’ve looked, but can never really get it!

  2. Christine P

    When shit hits the fan….as in “When shit hits the fan, we have to be prepared.” Also featured on a Mythbusters episode. Have fun! Love the site.

  3. Fabrice

    I’ve heard a new one from a US colleague: horseshoes and hand grenades
    i.e. close enough without going into the details

  4. RoBertO

    Living the life of Riley = carefree character/lifestyle

  5. Andy

    A chicken in every pot. suggestive of medium prosperity

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